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Select a SEX Maternal Patches lets you enable nature
to facilitate your choice of a boy or girl

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Select A Sex

Select a SEX Maternal Patch lets you assist nature in choosing the gender of your baby. Backed by many years of scientific research, the small patch is drug-free, all natural, and 100% safe. It works only when worn by the mother which is for a few days during her fertile period.


The XY Patch facilitates a male embryo

The XY patch facilitates fertilization of the egg with a sperm carrying an XY chromosome, which will result in a male embryo

The XX Patch facilitates a female embryo

The XX patch facilitates fertilization of the egg with a sperm carrying an XX chromosome, which will result in a female embryo


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For centuries, parents have tried to influence the sex of their baby using an abundance of myths or old wives tales such as the timing of sex, sexual positions, diet, lifestyle etc. These techniques have not been helpful.

With the advent of DNA, researchers have realized that the gender of the baby is determined by the type of chromosome in the particular sperm that fertilizes the egg. Of 280 million or so sperm in the average ejaculation, they are almost equally divided into the sperm that carries the X chromosome, and those that carry the Y chromosome.

A gender selection patch is applied in the groin area once menstruation has stopped, and replaced, once daily, for 10 consecutive days.

The natural ingredients in each type of gender patch diffuse through the skin into the circulatory system in proximity to the cervical area and enter the cervical mucous. The minor changes they make to the cervical mucous give a significant advantage to either the X or Y sperm.


influence who will win THE race. That determines the sex of the baby.

Glands in the cervix produce a viscous cervical mucous that allows only about 200 sperm to survive the arduous trip. Both the X and Y sperm traverse the SIX INCH cervical canal, swimming in thick mucus and make their way to the egg.

This results in the egg being fertilized with a 50/50 possibility of an X or Y sperm. When the XX or XY transdermal patch is worn by the mother there are subtle changes that temporarily occur in the cervical mucus. These changes create an environment whereby, depending on the selected patch, the X or Y sperm has a decided advantage in moving through the cervical mucosa to reach and fertilize the egg. The selected sperm has a decided advantage in winning the gender race.


The XYpatch contains natural antioxidants including catalase, an enzyme and natural antioxidant found in every cell of your body, but now bolstered. An extract of anthocyanins, compounds found in berries and purple eggplant are also present. The XV patch contains ellagic extract from pomegranates, the amino acid arginine and royal jelly.

The XX patch contains an ultra absorbable blend of vitamin D3 with calcium and magnesium, saw palmetto extract, cranberry extract, and olive skin extract.

Directions for use:

  • The patch of your choice is applied to the inside groin, on either side, as close as possible to the vagina, but not so close as to interfere with sexual activity.
  • The patch is applied in the morning when menstruation has virtually ceased for that period cycle. A fresh patch is applied every morning for 10 consecutive days. This process is repeated monthly until pregnancy is achieved.
  • Use of the patch may be stopped at any time. The cervical mucosa returns to normal in about 24 hours, and there is no longer a preferential cervical mucosal environment for either X or Y sperm.
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Select A Sex