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A Genetic Predisposition Analysis Of Your True Sexual Behaviour and Health

DNA reveals your innermost sexual predisposition that you may or may not be aware of, a completely confidential DNA predisposition test

Sexual Behaviour

  • No records are retained (for confidentiality, all records are deleted within 60 days)
  • While the results of this test may be disturbing to some people, predisposition does not imply that your behaviour will be affected in any way since environmental factors are also a contributor
  • Our test will also uncover your sexual health
  • Your sexual predisposition results are rated as a) virtually none, b)minimal but present c) a moderate level or d) an intensive level.
  • Your sexual health results are rated as a) low, b) medium or c) high.

Sexual Behaviour

The results will describe your genetics towards:

Your sexual attraction to the opposite sex

Your sexual attraction to the same sex

Your commitment to a single sexual partner

Your desire for an available second sexual  partner

Your desire for multiple sexual partners

Your level of sexual self esteem

Your level of sexual pre-occupation

Your attraction to adult porn

Your attraction to unconventional sex

Your tendency to masturbate

Sexual Health

The results of your sexual health predisposition:



About the Test!

The results of two decades of research by several thousand experts from many countries make this test  possible. There is substantial scientific evidence that many sexually related behaviours previously considered to be the result of cultural influences are encoded as genetic predispositions in our DNA before we are born.  Reality is about playing out those patterns and codes, including suppressing, mitigating, or accepting them in our daily lives.

This test genetically evaluates your personal level of predisposition and responsiveness in matters of personal sexuality.

The human brain is an electrochemical machine that responds to stimuli - sex being a great activator, see it... You want it... You get aroused... And then decide what comes next!

Total cost of the test is only $299.00 $125.00

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